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Skills4Industry Web Solutions Processes

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Signup, Get A Domain, & Login

Signup into your personal dashboard to be greeted by your applications & enrollment form into Skills4Industry programs.

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Needs Driven Differentiated Learning

Complete the questionnaire comprising questions designed to establish your needs, experience, education, & certifications. A Focus On Individual Abilities Within Global Standards - TAG, LEP, IEP, FERPA, IDEA, & COMAR Compliant.

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We Recognize Prior Learning & Experience

Start your credit recovery process after your enrollment to receive credit for your past experience & industry certifications.

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Customized Learning To Individuals' Abilities & Experience

Access your grade/level appropriate learning content with prospectus & schedules

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Virtualization Access To Learning

Your virtual classrooms with access to orchestrated global support from professional experts, coaches, mentors, & teachers are now open.

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Learning Local With Global Specialization

A list of cohort groups matching your abilities & several other criteria is accessible on your dashboard for all subjects for which you are enrolled. Choose the best for your needs or call support.

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Login to your LearningLog™ to store and link all learning artifacts captured at home, school, playgrounds, & performances

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Earn While You Learn

Enroll in an externship program that will further improve your knowledge of your local community, gather & record your work activities daily

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A Focus On Creativity, Innovation, & Invention

We will ensure you are proficient in using your subjects to contextualize your learned skills creatively, innovatively across global communities.

A Framework For Improving The Job Potential of All Credentials

Start by defining the context in which your competencies will be applied. The requirements & expectations of the contextualized pathways. The dominant local environment variables. Create suitably relevant learning content & activities. Develop mastery of the content, practical application, & experience through an externship. Experience the unbelievable. Creat, Innovate, & Invent because it's Skills4Industry.  

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Skills4Industry (Soft Skills)

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In Our Own Words

We Improve The Job Potential of Credentials

...the purpose of all skills strategy

Skills4Industry Web Solutions

Core Elements of Education Virtualization: Multi-cloud support - Data captured from learner destinations requirements, standards, needs, classification, & mapping - A declarative approach that aims to improve standards and pedagogical readability - Produce-native metrics on resources that match accurate learning performance at scale - Support multi-account setups - Easy to maintain pedagogical concepts written in a declarative language - Easy to integrate with GitOps workflows for school systems and institutions