S4iWeb Solutions provide tools to help students capture their needs data which result in automatic creation of a Learning Plan with customization capabilities. The guided learning content selection tool ensure the selected courseware has sufficient rigor that is age-appropriate for our formal education programs and grade appropriate for informal programs, in both instances we are mindful in making sure the selected courses are not a deterrent to the achievement of the desired learning outcomes.

We define Situated Learning as the establishment of processes to connect learning support resources to ensure students learn in environments similar to those that exist in all known destinations where they will apply their competencies after school.

These destinations are characterized by differences in the way they are organized through the incentives to provide individuals to qualify for entry and the reward systems that exist within the systems for individuals to move from one level to another. These stack differences in requirements and expectations mean students must be prepared through an education that is integrative of the competencies required to navigate communities, start a successful career, and go to a university for further education.

Skills4Industry established a framework capturing the needs, expectations, and requirements of these destinations into a set of pedagogy, learning processes, incentives to get students’ a commitment to learning, reward system, and integrated them into a whole system.

Digital transformation technology offers two critical advantages today to meet the needs and requirements of every person on the planet. (1) Millions of containers can be set up for each individual to capture the needs, requirements, and expectations of all the support activities that they depend on their communities. (2) One single software capable of solving identified solutions can be split up into several million for each individual in their container to use to overcome requirements and expectations handicaps.

Skills4Industry integrative competence framework was established to use digital transformation technology to solve young people’s learning problems. Several data treatment steps have been put in place to ensure success for this approach, but we will not go there.

Skills4Industry Web Solutions

Core Elements of Education Virtualization: Multi-cloud support - Data captured from learner destinations requirements, standards, needs, classification, & mapping - A declarative approach that aims to improve standards and pedagogical readability - Produce-native metrics on resources that match accurate learning performance at scale - Support multi-account setups - Easy to maintain pedagogical concepts written in a declarative language - Easy to integrate with GitOps workflows for school systems and institutions