Learning Reinforcement

We have broken down activities into tasks by concepts within contextualized big picture that is helpful to learners in building confidence, while ‘putting together’ what they learned in the context of whole activities that challenge them to think about how to apply their skills in different contexts. The standards for each academic knowledge, work and soft skills require learners to practice activities within tasks, so as to encourage a holistic approach to the application and assessment of multidisciplinary competencies. Remote learners and field workers using S4iWeb Solutions Education Virtualization are able to follow-through recorded work activity with sufficient opportunities to develop competencies sufficiently before moving to the next activity component. Robust guided learning and feedback help learners reflect on the consequences of their actions, while recording each step in a LearningLog acting like a progress file ensures learning reinforcement.

Skills4Industry Web Solutions

Core Elements of Education Virtualization: Multi-cloud support - Data captured from learner destinations requirements, standards, needs, classification, & mapping - A declarative approach that aims to improve standards and pedagogical readability - Produce-native metrics on resources that match accurate learning performance at scale - Support multi-account setups - Easy to maintain pedagogical concepts written in a declarative language - Easy to integrate with GitOps workflows for school systems and institutions