Multidisciplinary Integrative Competence Virtualization

We Ensure All Education Programs Result In A Well-paying Job Through Always-on Hosted Cloud Education Data Pipelines

Education Virtualization

Ensuring All Education Data Pipelines Provide Integrative Competencies That Result in Well-paying Jobs

Virtualization technology serves to declare policies, standards, needs, and requirements using programmable statements written in codes as application stacks that can be split into several million while behaving like full standalone software in every user instance. These declarative attributes are responsible for virtualization technologies' true transformational potential. Education is at the heart of societies' institutional knowledge and innovation that result in services that must be integrated into communities. Sustaining civilizations require institutions to establish measurable standards to guide social interactions, implementation, and management of social services to address the needs of individuals. Communication channels connecting individuals and institutions flow through education for improved policy effectiveness and a better understanding of community needs. Including ensuring the quality of outcomes results in higher productivity, efficient transitions to adulthood, increased earning capacity, and improved standard of living. Achieving this level of enlightenment in societies is possible today through advances in data processing, intelligent algorithms, and automation of workflows. Education systems and institutions need the technology and capabilities to capture the enormous data across all spheres of human endeavors in societies to inform pedagogical design for learning.

Education Virtualization

Education Virtualization declares education policies through standards. These standards inform education systems and institutions’ service delivery process workflow. S4iWeb Solutions request infrastructure pipeline and code merges over 3.6 million concepts of multidisciplinary integrative competencies data to drive client pedagogical workflow. S4iWeb hosted dedicated digital transformation technology tools – cloud computing (containers, virtual machines, application stacks, orchestration, and hypervisors), data (SQL and NoSQL databases), and intelligent algorithms are designed to help school systems and institutions focus learning on students. Education virtualization represents a framework of data-driven differentiated service delivery (learning-by-doing) that is robust, beyond e-learning and online meetings. S4iWeb consists of complete education process workflow management designed to integrate all stakeholders into an immersive coherent framework supporting unobtrusive participation of all citizens. An education framework that takes advantage of the enormous digital transformation resources to engage, inform, reinforce, create, innovate and invent final physical and digital products. Virtualization of education is important to ensuring teaching beyond concepts, one that informs multidimensional exploration of concepts in different contextual environments, disciplines, and occupational areas. The dynamic nature of digital transformation technologies ensures patterns established by concepts across a huge body of standards serve as contextualized nodes revealing how a single subject matter is viewed across industries, communities, and societies.

Education Virtualization

Skills4Industry focuses individuals on creativity, innovation, and invention as the currency for quality and value. As a result, Skills4Industry pedagogy has been intentionally designed to capture the application of competencies while ensuring robust building blocks support their multidisciplinary nature in an integrative manner.

Within a pedagogical course-ware we set out the context (industry/community and sector) we are exploring, breakdown the competencies into their respective skill areas (academic knowledge, work, and soft skills), and the core concepts under each skill area. These concepts addresses the subject matter content title discussion under respective (detailed classification of the subject matter into distinct parts consisting of academic, work, & soft skills) competencies. This radically different component approach to presenting learning subject content captures what individuals need to know and what they must do to meet Skills4Industry creativity, innovation, invention requirements, and local (national / state) standards of performance in the communities our students reside globally. Establishing a learning process whose portability (plug and play within any learning system and framework) ensures flexibility, and adaptability.

All Plans Include

We believe to succeed today & the future people need integrative competencies & are so proud of our values in ensuring success for every learner. 

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Our domain manager makes it easy to track, update, transfer, purchase, and administer all of your domains.

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Resource Protection

Our technology identifies websites using excessive resources and temporarily re-assigns their load.

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We help you identify your exact needs based on your choices and environment variables so you start with what you need and move to more powerful options as your competencies grow.

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SSL Certificates

Powered by Let's Encrypt, each SSL Certificate provided helps secure the connection between you, your learning resources, our cloud technology, & your LearningLog.

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Signup Credits

Receive $100 when you signup for $25 worth of web hosting services through free domain name registration and more while the promotions are on.

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Curricula Localization

Provide your needs data using a simple questionnaire through the link on your cPanel to quickly connect with important resources for playdates, sports, & other grade-appropriate educational activities.

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Create Cohort Groups Globally

Start with your local community & go global in your cohort group selection for your different courses to take your know-how contextualization global.

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Access Control

Powered by Let's Encrypt, each SSL Certificate provided helps secure the connection between you & your learning activities no matter the location on the globe.

Differentiated Learning Plans and Add-Ons

Learning Differentiation ensures we tailor learning to the specific abilities of learners. Differentiated features & accounts uses optional add-ons to meet the specific gaps,  difficulties, & challenges 

Local While Learning On A Global Scale

Need more than one account? Add shared, VPS, or even dedicated services to your account with ease.

Learning Tailored to Your Abilities

Create unique passwords restricting access to different areas of your account.

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Education Support Orchestration

Included with $500+ of monthly spend.

Perfect for schools & educational institutions looking to integrate practical skills into core academic curriculum through our Edge Program. Especially those who would like to scale with a bit of guidance, best practices, and technical support. Included when you spend $500+ per month on our platform.

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Skills Strategy Premier Support

High-touch support experience for a monthly fee.

Paid support plan for countries, states, municipalities, & businesses interested in a plug & play framework for integrating education and skills to ensure every student and adult transition to a well-paying job always. These large production applications want a high-touch experience for their institutions responsible for every aspect of management, evaluation, & quality assurance with guaranteed response times and live communication with our support team.

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Skills4Industry Web Solutions

Core Elements of Education Virtualization: Multi-cloud support - Data captured from learner destinations requirements, standards, needs, classification, & mapping - A declarative approach that aims to improve standards and pedagogical readability - Produce-native metrics on resources that match accurate learning performance at scale - Support multi-account setups - Easy to maintain pedagogical concepts written in a declarative language - Easy to integrate with GitOps workflows for school systems and institutions